The Best Cookies you will ever eat in your life

I'm not lying when I say this. No exaggeration. I've tasted a lot of cookies, and these hands down are the best on planet earth.

Jaque Torres is world renowned, and after you taste his chocolate chip cookie recipe, you will see why.

So I did not use separate flours. I used all purpose flour for this recipe and it's still incredible. But YOU MUST SIFT. When the man tells you to sift the things, you sift them. Makes a HUGE difference.

He also just does your basic chocolate chip cookie, but I like using his recipe as a base for some of my fancy pants cookies. I usually do what I call a German chocolate cake cookie- I add coconut flakes and pecans or walnuts to the batter. This time, hubbs wanted a Nutella like cookie. And since Nutella is filled with garbage, I simply added hazelnuts to the batter. I could have made nutella, but I didn't feel like it. I love him, but not that much. (kidding. he's worth a bazillion tubs of homemade nutella but I already made him pizza dough and all the fixings so he had to just deal.)

Bonus? The recipe makes a crap ton of dough. I usually freeze at least half of it. So on any whim I can have fresh baked cookies in minutes!


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