Spicy Plum Grilled Chicken

Summer! Grilling and chillin and all sorts of outside nonsense. And time to experiment with grill recipes. So here's one of Bobby Flay's grilled chicken recipes. It's pretty tasty. I added some frozen tart cherries because I didn't have quite enough plums and I heart a tart cherry.

And we ran out of lettuce of any sort so I used the beet greens as my salad base. Delicious and colorful. I mixed it with some purple radish, some pecans, salt and pepper and for the dressing I did a squeeze of lime juice, evoo, and some of the reserved plum sauce I made for the chicken.

I'm finding that making fruit type sauces for dinner is an excellent way to get rid of the fruit that didn't get eaten and is on it's way out the door...


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