Dear Dinner Diary...

Figuring out what to eat every night sometimes takes some SERIOUS work. There are moments when I'm hit with flashes of brilliance. That's right, I owned it. BRILLIANCE. But other times...I rack my brain and come up with nada. So I'm starting a dinner diary. I'll post what I made, where I got the recipe from, how I tweeked it...and then I can go back and refer to it on those blah days. I tried keeping this info in a notebook. Go ahead and ask me where the notebook is. Yup, I don't know either. Yay for technology!

Please note:  ALL ingredients, unless otherwise noted, are organic. We don't use any processed foods, including bread, so everything is made from scratch. Stuff tastes yummier that way, but it gets old typing it out each time.

PLEASE NOTE: No longer pregnant. I now have 2 kiddos and I'm back to getting creative. However, posting recipes on Pinterest is not the easiest. So. I will have a blog post for each recipe that I make. You will still be able to find the pics on pinterest but not always the recipes. We'll see how this goes!

Instead, I will leave here some links to my Pinterest page of recipes that seem to be the most popular. Thanks for your patience!!

Loaded Baked Potato Soup

Orzo with goat cheese, cherry tomatoes, lemon, and olive oil

Beef Wellington (Gordon Ramsey style)

French Onion Burger

Asian Mexican Fusion Pork Tacos


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