Quick Spicy Peach Grilled Chicken

This dinner came together in no time at all. Which I love. Especially on Mondays. Cause Monday.

Bobby Flay's recipe is really simple. I didn't follow it exactly because we don't buy preserves or jams of any kind anymore. The ones I make are better. So I just used the fresh peaches I had, added a little sugar, then added in the other stuff. I stopped and checked for flavor a bajillion times because I was using a lot less and because we don't make things quite as spicy as Mr. Flay. I threw everything into the Blendtec to make the sauce and here it is.

And of course, if we have corn, we're grillin it. It's unspeakably good made this way. Hubbs is the grill master of corn.

And grilled peaches? Grilled bread? All do's in my book. This took about 10 minutes to throw together, and then however long it takes to grill corn and chicken. Easy peasy Monday night dinner.

PS Should have made it spicier. It was a little on the sweet side.


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