Authentic Refried Beans

Yum. One of my faves is to have refried beans and eggs over tortilla chips for breakfast. or just have refried bean dip always. And here is my fave recipe:

Refried Beans

She also has a link of hers to tell how to cook the dried pinto beans. DO THIS. You will not be sorry. It's quick, it doesn't require pre-soaking, and the result is probably the most delicious beans I've eaten ever.

So I didn't make quite as much at one time as she did and I played with the proportions a bit. I only used 3 cups of beans and froze the rest, along with the leftover cooking liquid. I used about a cup of cooking liquid, but that all depends on what kind of blender you have to puree. and instead of using safflower oil I used lard because YES PORK FLAVOR IN REFRIED BEANS YES.

So mine worked out to be:
3 cups beans
1/2 cup chopped onion
approx 1 cup of bean cooking liquid
3 tbsps lard
salt to taste

I cooked that all together, then after I got lazy about the mashing I stuck it in the blendtec. And added a little more cooking liquid for consistency. and the result? Ah-Mah-Zing.


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