Why I'm Pissed off today- Germ/ Bacteria Edition

Let's have a chat for a minute, shall we?

Can we just for one second take a nice deep breath, as a nation, and just CALM. THE. EFF. DOWN.

Seriously. The media is NOT doing us any favors here. In order to grab headlines, they take the most obscure, every day, common sense things, and turn them into THE SKY IS FALLING EVERYONE IS GETTING SICK AND GOING TO DIE OH MY SWEET LORD JUST STAY IN YOUR HOUSE AND WRAP YOURSELVES IN BUBBLE WRAP AND NEVER EVER LEAVE EVER!

Today, a total of 3 TIMES before noon, I saw a "story" on the news. A story about why you need to change out your toothbrushes regularly. And not keep them directly next to the toilet. Because germs. And bacteria. AND YOU COULD GET SICK! AND DIE!

Ummm. #1. DUH. change your toothbrush.

#2. germs and bacteria are not all bad and scary. If one is never exposed to germs and bacteria, then one can never build up any sort of immunity and hence will just get sick all the time. Which is why they've done all those studies about how all of the anti-bacterial hand sanitizers, soaps, cleaners, etc etc have actually made us worse for the wear.

People. We do not live in our own sewage anymore. That was taken care of in the first half of the 1900's. Back then, yes people died from things that are considered easily curable now. Mainly because they lived in their own filth, worked 16-18 hours a day (men, women & children), never saw the sun because of those jobs, and were malnourished.

But we're way past that stage. And now, the pendulum has swung WAY too far in the other direction. And part of the problem is the 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, WE NEED HEADLINES THAT GRAB media that we live with. Because there are just not that many tragedies to keep up with. So they decide instead to try to scare the crap out of us. With nonsense.  It hurts my brain.

Typically, I don't have the TV on. Except for when both of my children have plotted against any sleep I might have wanted the night before. Then guess what? A little GMA and Kelly and Michael is required. Except now I'm tired AND pissed off. So there's that.

The point is. There is some scary shit out there. Terrifying really. The stuff that my blog typically deals with (Big Pharma, Big Ag, Government essentially treating this country like lab rats with all their science disguised as food and medication....), parents getting arrested for doing things that our parents did without a second thought. We don't need to make shit up. Or turn toothbrushes into death sentences.

Perhaps there could be a news station that broadcasts the correlation between our complete and utter fear of germs....and our inability to fight off viruses, like the new enterovirus.  Or the flu. Don't even get me started on the pure lunacy of the flu vaccine. Our bodies were created to fight off these things. When we were growing up in the 80's and early 90's, the flu sucked, yes. But it did not kill people. It was not considered an epidemic. Enter the all sanitized, all the time generation and guess what? FLU is picking people off. Superbugs are now around that we can't kill. We are filled with pesticides and toxins and plasticides and chemicals and phthalates and synthetic hormones and antibiotics and on and on and on....

And now? Well, we're paying for it. And for once, I would just like to see someone, somewhere, talk about this issue without being called a quack. Or told that there's no science to back that up. Correction. There's no science that was funded by the government and the big companies producing this garbage to back that up. Because money.

So honestly. Let's stop being sheeple. Let's stop sucking up what they're selling. Let's stop pretending that the reason we're so sick as a nation is because we're not eating enough of the "diet and health" food they're selling. Let's stop pretending that we know the long term effects of the newest science experiment they're pushing on us without us knowing.

And let's just stop watching the news.

Side note. Please don't send me nasty comments about how terrifying Ebola is. I get it. It is scary. But please remember. It doesn't kill everyone that gets it. In countries where clean water is hard to come by, then yes it's a lot harder to fight off. And do I want to get it? No. I do not. But this post is not really about Ebola. The end.


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