Mexican Pot Roast Tacos. Just Say Yes.

Yup. I love these. They are one step down from the amazing pork carnitas recipe I recently stumbled upon (because I love a pig. I do I do). But this is amazingly delish, and super easy to throw together. The meat is a fairly cheap cut (beef chuck roast), and you do a whole bunch then have leftovers, with which to make nachos, or sandwiches, or just eat it cold out of the fridge....You can cook it in a crock pot, but I really hate those things, so I did it in a dutch oven.  I used Tyler Florence's recipe because I wasn't finding anything I really liked in my "authentic Mexican pot roast" google search. And I love his dimples. So, of course.

You start by browning the meat. Then add some onions and garlic. I should note that from the burek I made the other night, I had leftover 1/2 lard, 1/2 oil- so I cooked the meat in that.

Then you add all the liquid and spices and bring to a boil. I didn't have ancho chil
i powder, but I had dried ancho chilis, so I just added a little warm water and used the blendtec to get it to a paste. I also used maybe a quarter of the amount of cayenne pepper he said to and the liquid was still CRAZY spicy....but not the meat.

It simmers for 3 hours then looks like this.

Then you remove from the liquid and break apart with a fork. You of course "taste test" the entire time you're doing this.

And then you thank the Lord that you made a triple batch of tortillas and froze a bunch so that you simply need to heat them up in a pan and BOOM. Pot roast tacos.

And tomorrow, pot roast nachos.

Done and done.



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