Mammarazzi gone stalker...

Well, it seems that the hubbs may be correct. I *might* be a bit of a stalker.

Seems I'm obsessed. Completely, utterly OBSESSED with taking pics of my fam while they sleep. And not just the kiddos. Hubbs is in on this action too.

I cannot help it that they are all adorable as they sleep. This is clearly not my fault. And so, I document.

It started innocently enough. I mean. Look at them. all snuggled up together. On me. Adorable!

And they just kept it up. The napping on mamma. All the cuteness.

And then they conked out on daddy. While daddy conked out. Come on!

And then my little no napper and her only-naps-on-mamma brother fell asleep in the afternoon. at the same time. in bed. without me. and there was much rejoicing. and then it never happened again.

but then, at night, they started gravitating towards each other. I will admit, the crossing of her arms over her chest makes this pic exceptionally creepy. the filter is not helping matters. yet I soldier on for the perfect stalking shot.

And then, all the absolutely exhausted happened to everyone. except mommy. who was utterly exhausted, yet 100% awake. because mom.

and these two. of COURSE there's stalking.

just. melting.

and this face. I get to stare at this sweet face every. night. because blessed.

and then, date night. our kiddos sleep "praise Jesus" style. we watch movies. win win.

Stalker indeed.

soon enough, they won't want to snuggle with us. soon enough, this bed will go back to just 2. for now, I'll keep on mammarazzing my way through our nights.



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