Nair for short shorts...

Well this is embarrassing. I have facial hair. Ok. I am hairy- hairy arms, hairy legs, rockin a mustache and a few chin hairs as well. It's not fun, it's NOT cute, but as much as I love my Italian heritage, it has it's drawbacks.

For a while, I simply dealt with it. I didn't love wearing anything that showed off the ape arms. And I just hoped that makeup would hide the facial hair. And then I discovered Veet.  I had tried Nair in middle school with a friend of mine and it literally DID NOT PUT A DENT IN my hairy legs. But when I started teaching, I decided I wanted to wear short sleeves, since I was already such a hot, sweaty mess. And I found Veet.  And we started a decade long relationship.

It REEKS. Rotten egg in a dirty diaper stink. And it burns a little. Or a lot. But man it got rid of hair easily. Woohoo mustache free! I got rid of all the hair on my arms and felt free! I still had to check for those random, errant chin and neck hairs that I swear sprout up as SOON as I leave the house, having just checked for them. But for the most part, I was hairless and happy.

When I got pregnant, I noticed that the side of the Veet box said to not use. WHAT?!?!? My hormones were already out. of. control. The hairs? Everywhere. All the time. And now I couldn't do anything about it? Crappity.

Of course, after I had babygirl, I went right back to burning the hair off of me, because let's face it, I was already heavy, sweaty, leaky and hormonal...I wasn't about to add hairy to that list.

And then I started reading things about my cosmetics, lotions, shampoos- essentially the myriad of things I had in my bathroom. And I knew in my heart that Veet and I had to break-up. I also knew that my husband, although maybe not fond of a mustachioed wife, would NOT miss the smell.

As I was wondering through Central Market, I stumbled upon Parissa Wax Strips. I decided to try them- because Lord knows I'm entirely too lazy to melt my own wax.

I LOVE THEM! Sure, it's not exactly pleasant to know that ripping this thing off your upper lip is going to cause a fair amount of pain, but it worked like a charm and was stupid easy.  Much easier, let's say, than the time I tried to wax my own bikini area and ended up GLUING MY CROTCH TO THE BATHTUB. Hot wax? Not easy to work with. Already perfectly placed wax on a strip for easy application? Bring it.

So yeah. Use this. Cause it's awesome. And I promise, you'd have to work reeeeally hard to adhere yourself to something.

*I did eventually become unstuck. After a stupid amount of time scrubbing and scrubbing with hot water and soap, it finally occurred to me WHY they give you that little bottle of oil along with the wax kit. Not one of my finer moments folks.


  1. Love you Krissy - and your passionate verbalizations!!!


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