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Even in a pandemic, I didn't blog. I'm the literal worst.

Being home all day, every day, for the last bit of forever, still somehow did not lead me to blog. I have zero excuses. I mean, I have *some* excuses, but I'll save them and just recap. Charleston was kicking my ass all over the place. Between the never ending mold, the humidity, and the excessive heat AT ALL MONTHS OF THE YEAR, I was D O N E. Hubbs' job had us relocate to just outside of Paris, France for 3 months (yes, we lived in France for 3 FULL MONTHS and I still have yet to blog about it because, again, literal worst.) We discovered that the fresh air, the mold free environment, and the food- good Lord THE FOOD- not only improved my anxiety, but had boyfriend absolutely blossoming. We agreed then that we needed to get out of SC as quickly as possible. It broke our hearts to leave our cul-de-sac crew. We could not have dreamed up a better group of people to neighbor with, and leaving them was gut wrenching. Leaving the house that spent 5 years trying to kill me? Not s

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