My First Post!

Well, I've done it. I have no idea what I'm doing- is this the right place to start a blog? Does this format suck? Do I suck?  Who knows, but we'll soon see.

What I'm really worried about right now is whether or not my blog page is pretty. And how I can bling it up a little. Cause it's all about aesthetics for me.  Seriously, I would buy just about anything if it was wrapped up in a pretty package. I'm pretty sure that's the Jersey in me. Ah well, vanity you are my favorite sin. 

Anyhow, I've started this blog because I continue to be told that I should and sometimes I succumb to peer pressure. I have a lot to say, and instead of forcing all of the nice folks on facebook to listen to me, I should probably have a space to rant in that doesn't show up on their newsfeed constantly.  So I'll keep it light, as this is my first post and I kinda just want to see what my page looks like when I've finished with it.

I eat only organic, non-processed, real food. There are just SO many reasons that I do this, and at the top of the list is because if I don't, I WILL vomit. A lot. And I'm not sure if you've tried it, but vomiting while caring for a very active toddler is complicated.  The noises scare them, but they're awfully curious about what it is you're doing...and then they try to "help". Messy, and just not fun. I only feed babygirl the same, and we're still nursing 20 months in, mainly so that she doesn't end up with a digestive system like me. This does not mean that I don't enjoy food and life, that I don't allow sugar or dairy or food goodness in general. we LOOOOOOOVE food. I'm Italian; we find reasons to celebrate so we can eat. I just make everything from scratch using organic ingredients that don't rot me from the inside out. The hubbs and I are foodies and babygirl is quickly following in our footsteps. And we like it that way. Do we go out to eat ever? Not very much, but when we do we try to ensure that we go to reputable places that are conscious about the origin of the food they serve. Do we eat everything? For the most part, yes. Babygirl and I just got our IgG antibodies tested for food sensitivities/ allergies (I will write a whole post on the sheer MAGIC of this test and how it totally turned my entire life around for the better) and it turns out that she is moderately sensitive to gluten and citrus. HUGE BUMMER, but we're coping and I'm hopeful that after our 6 week shun of all things gluten comes to an end, her little system can reset and tolerate gluten later in life.  Do we diet? HELL. TO. THE. NO. Diets are of satan. For starters, as soon as you shun a food group, you want nothing but that food group. And I don't like to inflict that kind of misery on myself daily. Also, any food that claims it is a diet food??  CHEMICAL S*** STORM. For reals. I make desserts. They are delicious, and just a little bit totally satisfies because it's REAL food.  

Is it hard to get started? Not really. Just start small. Start replacing things that you use every day- like the milk/ cream/ sugar in your coffee- make it organic. Or start buying organic, farm fresh eggs. Use the dirty dozen list as a guide as well- the things that you really should be eating organic because of the insane amount of chemicals/ pesticides/ GMOs etc (we'll get into ALL of that nonsense in another post as well). 

Go here to see the Dirty Dozen list 

I hope you'll keep reading. I hope I can keep up with writing. I hope you like me. I hope you realize that once we get a little more comfortable with each other, I will be talking about poo.  And remember, if anything I've said in here offends you, go ahead and blame Anna, because clearly she didn't translate correctly.  



  1. Congrats on your first blog, loving it, keep on keeping on! Can't wait for your next installment, staying tuned, here in New Jersey!!!! Brava!

  2. Excited to follow you! :) I just recently started reading way too much about processed foods and GMO's and am now committed to make the transition to eliminate all the icky from our life and make the switch to real, organic food. :) Make sure you post a link to your blog posts on Facebook, OR you could consider starting a "Jersey Girl Gone Granola" Facebook page too!?! :)


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