EPA Regulations, or Just How Stupid is Our Government

EPA Water Regulations

Go ahead.  Click on the link. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll probably think "there's just NO way this is real".  But it is. And if it weren't so freakin' scary, it might be laughable.

Here's the thing.  These people are regulating what is put in our water system.  You know, the stuff you drink, cook with, brush your teeth with, water your plants with, bathe in.  No big deal, just everything. We are told that when we travel to other countries we MUST NOT DRINK THE WATER!!!!  You'll die of diphtheria, or just crap yourself silly (see: Charlotte in the Sex and the City movie). They say this, but then what they PURPOSEFULLY put in our water supply??? Not ok.

I would love to just copy and paste this entire link, but that seems like plagiarism, so I'll just give you some highlights.  To their credit, the EPA does note both what the added stuff is supposed to do, the health risks they've found that are caused by it, and how to get it out of your water. I would give them more credit if they simply stopped allowing/ putting it in there. But I digress.  Some of these show up in our water due to run-off from factories, and some of them are run-off due to things that are sprayed all over our non-organic food and plants. That's a nice double whammy since we're ingesting it and drinking it. Here are just a few:

Chlorite- byproduct of drinking water disinfection.
 Potential health effects from long term exposure:
Anemia; infants & young children: nervous system effects.  Well isn't that fun.

Alachlor & Atrazine- Runoff from herbicide used on row crops.
Potential health effects from long term exposure:
Eye, liver, kidney or spleen problems; anemia; increased risk of cancer
Cardiovascular system or reproductive problems.
WAIT. So what they're saying is, they've DONE STUDIES to show the harmful, long term effects of herbicide on our bodies, they ACKNOWLEDGE that the above issues are a potential consequence, and yet they've let Big Ag companies run rampant with not only spraying the crap out of all of our food, but also GENETICALLY MODIFYING seeds with herbicide INSIDE of them so they can withstand MORE of the herbicide spray!?!?! I had to read those a few times. and I had to wait to stop shaking in anger before I was able to type. because to me? That's CRIMINAL. Especially when they REFUSE TO LABEL GMOs (the genetically modified seeds I referred to- a post I will definitely get to soon).
Fluoride- Water additive which promotes strong teeth; erosion of natural deposits; discharge from fertilizer and aluminum factories
Most of the chemicals are listed as 0.8, 0.2 etc. Fluoride is listed as a 4
Potential health effects from long term exposure:
Bone disease (pain and tenderness of the bones); Children may get mottled teeth

Take your time.  Read that last sentence as many times as you need. Read the whole paragraph.  They ADD fluoride to our water because it "promotes strong teeth". In the box RIGHT NEXT TO THAT, it states bone disease and mottled teeth are a potential health effect. RIIIIIIIGHT.  I've read a lot about fluoride in the recent months. We've stopped using toothpaste with any fluoride in it (again, there will be a post about it later....). I mean, there's probably a pretty good reason they don't put it in children's toothpaste and they say DO NOT SWALLOW on the toothpaste tubes. Funny then, how it's totally fine to put a rather large amount of it in the water we are drinking.


I'll try to be eloquent about this. I'll probably fail. These ass hats are not only allowing this garbage to be put in our water- they're ADDING it to our water. And they're also ADDING it to our food supply (hello pesticide/insecticide/herbicide). And they're spending a lot of money to ensure that they DON'T HAVE TO TELL US about some of those additives.

As for my house, we'll be investing in a water filter system for every single place water comes out of- shower, bathtub, kitchen sink, sprinklers. For right now, I get to stand at my refrigerator door for a half hour while getting enough water to boil pasta.

And fyi, you can thank my little bro, Richie, for this post. He's visiting right now, and he's the one who not only got us started on our organic journey, but who happened upon this link today and made me read it. All. His. Fault.



  1. Agree. We also invested on a whole house water filtration system. It was actually a good decision we did so. Nowadays, we can't tell if the water is still safe or not.

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