If all these diets work, why is everyone still obese?

Seriously America? Seriously?

I thought we were getting smarter. I thought the food movement was really taking hold and that we were starting to see some real change. Perhaps I was delusional.

Because here I sit, once again, HORRIFIED at the so called professionals who are doling out diet and health advice, taking advantage of everyone's New Years' Resolutions to get skinny. UGH.


It started slowly. In crept the Eggbeaters commercials...you could save 50 calories by ingesting this chemically altered semblance of an egg! It doesn't matter that the egg is pretty much the PERFECT FOOD (especially cage free organic eggs). It doesn't matter that all those reports that eggs were too high in cholesterol have been shot down. It doesn't matter that you will get zero healthy benefits, and all the lovely side effects of eating hormone and antibiotic filled, chemically altered nonsense. But you my friend just saved 50 WHOLE CALORIES so HALLELUJAH!

Then of course, there are the 75 times a day, how many celebrities can we get up in here commercials for Nutrisystem, Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers. Eat our craptastic, chemical meals, feel like you're dying on the inside, and maybe lose some weight! Look, all these famous people lost weight this way....it had nothing at all to do with their personal trainers, personal chefs, or the fact that they get paid millions to look good.....

Then I read the lasted issue of Glamour. A certified nutritionist (NUTRITION!?!?!) suggested that since sugar is so bad for you, that everyone should switch to diet soda. Ummmm.....what rock did you just crawl out from under?  The studies have been everywhere. The effects of artificial sweeteners, the damage it causes, the fact that it makes you GAIN WEIGHT. Riiiiiight. Let's all follow this advice.

And then, the dagger to my heart. The Chew. SOLD. OUT. I'm sure that has a lot more to do with the people that run the network than it does with the hosts of the show, but that one upset me more than anything else. They've decided to run the competition for who will be the next weight watchers chef.   I was already disappointed that they've taken on this "cans" thing, saying you don't need fresh ingredients, just use the shit you find in cans. No. Thank. You. And then to add insult to injury. The competition began with 2 chefs who sucked the joy out of the food they were cooking. And the piece de resistance? The rep from WW said "And you could substitute the parmesan cheese for a fat free cheese". Scuse me what now!?!?! Mario Batali just died a thousand deaths. Michael Symon bowed his head in shame. Even Daphne Oz was shaking her head. These people know better.



Should we all start eating "I can't believe it's not butter" too? Why don't we suck down some transfats while we're at it? Maybe they can bring back those fat free O'lean potato chips. You know the ones. That cause anal leakage. Right there on the package, it says it. ANAL. LEAKAGE.

Have we not learned that if the food was created in a lab then *perhaps* it's not the best choice for our bodies? Have we not seen the number of cancer patients in this country sky rocket? The number of kids with diseases, behavior issues, food allergies, etc etc etc. The number of people with diabetes?

I'm almost too tired of it all to be pissed. Just when people start to speak truth about our food, where it comes from, what it does to our bodies, some big stupid corporation comes in with crap tons of money and tries to wipe out the evidence. Simply to line their pockets. Why is this nation so greedy? Why don't they have these issues in other countries? How is it that ours is the ONLY ONE that doesn't ban this garbage? And why do some of the same companies make food for these other countries that do not contain this crap???

But I'm digressing. Right now, I'm aiming it all at the diet industry. The multi-billion dollar industry. What many people don't seem to understand is that these are MONEY MAKING MACHINES. They are designed to FAIL. Because if they worked, they would put themselves out of business. If they worked, there would not be an obesity epidemic. If they worked, you would not constantly feel guilty about eating, about enjoying your food, about enjoying your LIFE without a little message hovering over your shoulder, saying you're not good enough, not thin enough.

Points don't allow you to listen to what your body really needs to eat. Packaged meals full of chemicals don't give you enough nutrients to stay healthy. The food they push is not filling enough, nor TASTY enough, to keep you satisfied. 4 bites of REAL pasta with REAL butter and REAL cheese? That will kill that craving for mac and cheese more than eating anything else. And, if you buy the right ingredients, it's actually GOOD FOR YOU! Butter made from grass fed cows actually is good for you. Ever wonder why so many kids today need an orthodontist? Lack of Vitamin K in our diets. And no wonder. It comes from eating organ meats (liver, etc) and full fat soft cheeses. All because some idiots in the 80's and 90's tried to convince us that eating fat made us fat. And suddenly all of our food became LITE.

Let's once again look to our friends from Europe. They've been around a looooong time. And their food? Is GOOD. EXCELLENT. INCREDIBLE. THE REASON WE GO TO THERE. And without fail, don't you ask yourself how it is that everyone there seems to be in really good shape. And there's not a gym in site? These folks know how to eat. They take their time (3 hours minimum for a good dinner). They savor their food. They use real ingredients. They don't feel guilty.

The point is. REAL. FOOD.  Eat it. feel better. look better. cure your body using food not drugs. eat food that only has a few ingredients, all of them recognizable. if it's not something you'd cook with, don't eat it. Make as much food as you can yourself. and not with those garbage shortcuts in a package. I'm looking at you, bread dough that doesn't need any rise time.....

seriously dude, when did we get too lazy to mix together 3 extra ingredients in order to make pancakes? Bisquick is not necessary!

Retrain our brains. whole milk. full fat cheese. eggs. extra virgin olive oil. full fat greek yogurt with honey and fresh fruit. (all organic, obvs). EAT THESE THINGS. savor them. Pasta with just one ingredient (semolina flour). top it with all the fresh parm & grass fed butter you want. Do it. Now.



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